Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2018 Experience

If you’re like me and this is your first time shopping the infamous Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale you might be worried about how it works and if the deals are even worth waking up early for. Lilly Pulitzer never has sales throughout the year. They do two big sales each year, once in January and once in August/September. Thousands of Lilly lovers hop onto the site and its one big shopping frenzy!Lilly-Pulitzer-Logo

  1. When did it start?The Lilly Pulitzer APS started in stores this year with their early access opening September 8th-9th. Ladies lined up at the crack of dawn to get the chance to try clothes on and shop the sale before anyone else did online.
    • Now for everyone else who does not live close to a store or just didn’t want to bother with the lines, the online sale started today September 10th and would run all the way until my birthday, September 12th.
  2. Tips I found important before and during the sale:Every experienced APS shopper suggested to make an account and have your card info and mailing address saved on the site for quick check out. I found this to be really helpful during the sale because apparently whatever you place in your cart is not reserved! Nothing is yours until you submit your form of payment.
    • Set an alarm the night before to be up in time for the sale. The sale starts at 8 AM EST. So since I live in Texas I had to be up by at least 6:50 AM to be ready for the sale at 7.
    • Make a list ahead of time of items you might potentially want. After watching youtube videos, following bloggers and looking at Instagram I was able to get a feel of what I might want and what I think would look good on my body shape based on reviews. I went onto the Lilly Website about 2 weeks before and made a power point with pictures and names of items to make it easier for me to find things during the sale.
    •  Set a budget. This is important. During the sale you are going to see items marked down up to 70% off and you’re going to want to buy everything like I did.
    • Do not REFRESH the page. When you open up the website you will be placed into a virtual line. If you refresh the page you will be sent to the back
    • Don’t leave things in cart for too long because they will sell out and you will lose your item.
    • The app does not work during the sale.
    • All sales are final, there are no exchanges or returns.

  1. My experienceI woke up at 6:50 this morning, sat on the couch and waited in line while watching Good Morning America. The line went by pretty fast. When I first got on, I was in the 35,000 range. I had to wait about 30-45 min until it was my turn.
    • So this year Lilly Pulitzer decided to put all their sale items out at once. Now let me tell you, for a person who does not own any type of Lilly clothing items I was EXTREMELY OVERWHELMED. There were so many options, I did’t know where to start. I had my list with me which helped but prints were selling out left and right. Luckily the site didn’t crash on me!
    • The Kristen dress I had been dying for sold out in my size the second I clicked on it.
    • I still find myself going back to the site to look at stuff but after buying what I did I don’t think it would be a good idea to spend more money. Besides, there will be another sale in January, and if I need something that bad I can just buy it then.
    • Hopefully everything fits the way I want it to when they arrive. Shipping takes “4-6 weeks”.
  2. What did I buy?

Pearl Soft Shift Dress- Raz Berry Catty Shack | Original Price: $178 APS Price: $79

UPF 50+ Skipper Printed Popover- Light Lilac Verbena Aboat Time | Original Price: $98 APS Price: $69

Finn Tee-  Multi Lobster In Love Graphic | Original Price: $68 APS Price: $29IMG_2650Elephant Phone Standing Ring | Original Price: $20 APS Price: $5


Ending Thoughts

The sale was crazy, I wanted to buy everything, my size was running out. Overall, it was a good first attempt at the Lilly Sale. Now that I now how the pricing works, I can be more prepared next time. Going in blindly not knowing the price of things was unsettling. Keep track of the hashtag #afterpartysale on Instagram to keep up with sale updates and see what others are buying. All in all I don’t think I will be purchasing any Lilly Pulitzer items if they aren’t on sale. The original prices of things are WAY out of my budget.

Shop the APS here!

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 10.31.50 PM

Update 9/15/18

As of today, I have received 1 of 3 packages. I ordered the dress and popover first, then the phone ring. The Finn tee was ordered last. Two days after i placed my orders I received shipping confirmation for the phone ring. I received that package yesterday.

I still have not received a shipping confirmation for my other two orders.


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