Voodoo Doughnut

Over spring break Jason and I took a mini road trip to San Antonio, San Marcos and Austin. We went up to  Austin to visit his best friend. I had been nagging Jason to take me to Voodoo Doughnut since the beginning of the trip and here we are! I had heard and seen people raving about this place for years and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. If you know me, you know that my favorite thing other than pizza is SWEETS. After eating lunch, we made our way downtown to the doughnut shop. img_5856-1.jpgAlthough the shop sign is small, you’re greeted by some bright pink doors that can’t be missed. Upon walking in they have a wooden stage to the left and some paintings on the walls that embody the weirdness that is Austin, Texas. IMG_5857When we were in Austin, SXSW was taking place so the streets were buzzing with people. Luckily when we made it to Voodoo the line wasn’t out the door yet. We were in line for at least 20 minutes, but there is so much to look at and take in that you don’t even notice the time. Take a look at this cool tree with doughnuts hanging from it. As we got closer to the register there were menus that had descriptions of all the doughnuts and let me tell you, trying to figure out which one to get was a struggle.IMG_5891Finally it was our turn!! The excitement was real! We got to the register and to my left was a rotating display of all of their sweet creations. We ordered our doughnuts and anxiously waited about 2 seconds to get them. They were packaged up in a jiffy.D685F97F-CD05-4364-99CF-468AA2E572C0The doughnuts were put in this iconic pink box that was too cute to not take a picture of!AA52E0A1-EE01-49CB-BB9B-AD6E9820CACF

Pictured below are the doughnuts we ordered:

  • The Homer (2)
  • The Loop
  • Apple Fritter
  • Bacon Maple Bar

IMG_5868I also ordered milk to drink along with my fruit loop doughnut!1D233134-97C4-422A-97EC-39029CEE72FB

Ending Thoughts

Would I recommend this place to a friend? Of course! Heck, if I lived in Austin it would be hard to stay away from this place. I’m sure people that live there probably think that this place is overrated but I don’t! The creativity that goes into the concepts of these doughnuts is unbelievable. Plus they’re delicious! If you’re ever in the Austin area or taking a trip to Texas I would highly recommend stopping by Voodoo Doughnuts to get your sweet tooth fix!

IMG_5883Voodoo Doughnut: 212 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 10.31.50 PM

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