Jack Rogers; First Impressions & Breaking Them In

IMG_7188Before I make a big purchase I tend to do a lot of research on the product. I like to be sure what I’m spending my money on and enjoy reading/watching others opinions on it. So doing research on Jack Rogers Sandals was a no brainer. However, there weren’t any youtube videos that gave me the answers I needed, and only one blog post that helped me out a little bit which I will link here. I searched for reviews on amazon and all the retail stores that sold them. I had a pair of jacks in the past but they were the jelly ones that didn’t need breaking in. Unfortunately my dog destroyed them when he was a pup.


When trying to decide on the color of sandals I wanted, I thought I should choose a color that would go with my current wardrobe as well as be fun for summer. Jack Rogers are known to have an array of colorful sandals so I didn’t want to be too basic. Some popular colors are platinum and gold. I thought long and hard about getting one of these but since I already have shoes in those colors and wanted something different. I just might order a gold pair in the future, or maybe red, or pink! See, I just want them all.  I decided on the Palm Beach Sandal in Navy/White. They retail for $118, but look out for sales! I got mine 20% off during the Easter sale!


Jack Rogers are known to be true to size, however, since they are made of leather the strap around the foot is going to be VERY tight. I do not have a narrow foot by any means nor do I have a wide foot. My shoe size is a 9 but I decided to buy a size 9.5 in these to have a little extra room. I don’t like when my heel is at the very edge of a sandal or when my toes are close to falling off. Not my style. With a half size bigger, there is a little extra room but not too much; they fit just right. Getting a half-size bigger also helps in the breaking in process which I will explain next. These sandals are hand made and the size is written in pen on the inside of the shoe. Sometimes half sizes will be written as 1/2 or half a dash after the number. For example 9 1/2 or 9-

Breaking Them In

I was a bit terrified to break these in, not gonna lie. I heard blisters were expected to make an appearance in the breaking in process and was NOT excited. Lucky for me getting a half size bigger gave me a little extra room to work with. I wore the sandals around the house the first day. When I felt that my feet couldn’t handle the tightness anymore I gave them a break. The second day, I put on some socks and put the sandals on. I know this sounds crazy and looks really dumb but it works. After walking around the house with the socks on for about 2 hours, my sandals were ready. I’ve had them for about a week and I haven’t had any blisters. I do carry some band aids in my purse just in case!


T-shirt: Vineyard Vines; Shorts: Old Navy, Headband: Old Navy

Blouse: Old Navy; Jeans: Old Navy

Final Thoughts

I LOVE these sandals! I can’t wait to style them over the summer. They’re so versatile; they can be put with casual outfits or dresses and look just as nice. Jacks are also meant to last for years which is fantastic! I would recommend getting a pair to anyone trying to spice up their wardrobe and add a little bit of classic southern style to their look.

I hope this post was helpful to you in some way! I wanted to include information that I would have appreciated before I made my purchase. Comment below if you found this helpful or if you have any additional information you think others should know!

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 10.31.50 PM

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