You Can’t Make This Up

Welcome to my Diary of Mishaps. This is where I will be documenting dumb things that happen to me. I’m writing these memories down so I can look back on them in the future and have a laugh if needed. The stories will be posted in no particular order. I will be writing them as they come/happen to me. I hope you get a laugh out of this!

  1. The Lobster

25438718_10212600388577930_8214117067801177416_oIt was a cold rainy December night in Houston, Texas. Kay and I had just left her friend’s Christmas dinner in the suburbs. We headed back to the city, Praying by Kesha was playing on the radio and I couldn’t help but stare at the Houston Skyline as we drove through. We stopped at this restaurant downtown called Hearsay on the Green to get some cocktails and chit chat about life. It was a small luxury restaurant connected to a lavish hotel. We parked the car and scurried into the restaurant to avoid getting completely soaked by natures tears. We get escorted to our table, I take off my coat place it on my chair and sit down. Kay motions that she’s going to the restroom and I nod. As soon as she leaves I feel a big thump on the back of my chair and hear a gasp. I turn around in my chair and see a waiter on the floor franticly picking up what seems to be a lobster. I look at my coat, it is covered in butter oil and smells like fish. I started to panic; management came by and took my coat and tried cleaning it off in the back. By that time Kay had come back from the restroom and was confused. I explained to her what had happened. Turns out it was that waiter’s first night on the job. They offered to pay for our drinks and appetizer. My coat got cleaned, we enjoyed our drinks, ate the calamari, and all was well in the world.